Important Announcement: Tenn-Tech Acquired by AB Consulting


We are thrilled to announce that as of January 15th, 2024, Tenn-Tech Automation Controls, Inc. has been acquired by AB Consulting GSS, Inc.  Rest assured we will continue to provide the same high-quality services you’ve come to expect from Tenn-Tech.

Thank you for your continued support! 


Dave Beaty


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Tenn-Tech Automation Controls Inc. has been a leading provider of industrial automation controls programming and integration services since 1998.


VISION: To be a World Class provider of automation control and management technical solutions and support capability. Our customers are our reason for existence and they become an integral part of the solution. To be able to realize this vision we must become the provider of choice for technical solutions and support to a full spectrum of business enterprises. Understanding that we are one of a number of providers, our service and commitment to innovative solutions, total customer satisfaction and competitive price is the hallmark that distinguishes Tenn-Tech Automation Controls Inc. from our competitors.


BUSINESS STRATEGY: Detailed process knowledge not only affords the opportunity to improve quality but provides the knowledge of where in the production processes to concentrate continuous improvement initiatives to increase efficiency. Information and knowledge management technologies are rapidly changing with solutions that are cutting edge today nearing obsolescence within the next three years. Automation controls are a very specific area of management controls and knowledge based process management that allow detailed knowledge concerning every facet of the process. Our mission is to provide our manufacturing and production related business customers with innovative and tailored “best of breed” solutions. To accomplish this mission, we have partnered with independent experts who are available as required to provide solutions and support, either on call or on-site, based on the desires of our customers. We will develop a support strategy that provides best value to our customer using individuals who are not only experts in current and emerging technologies, but who are engaged in continuous learning and who will provide the best possible solution for the long term. Using a combination of company employees and sub-contracted team members, we can be responsive while providing the right expertise at the right place and time without the overhead of a large employee base. Our teaming arrangements and thorough vetting of our team members ensures that we have access to a full spectrum of talent that is applied as required by our customers’ needs. These team members can provide one-time assessment and solution design and implementation or they can become a continuously available support team to a particular customer and thereby establish a longer term relationship without the customer being burdened with a full time employee and the associated costs.


This business model has been the core of our success since our inception and one that continues to provide a strategic edge over our competitors. We look to provide more than a service. We establish a tailored relationship with our customers that provide continuing best value and leading edge solutions.